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With the serial interface model, this command is executed even if the printer is off-line or the receive buffer is full. However, with the parallel interface model, this command cannot be executed if the printer is off-line or the receive buffer is full, since the printer is busy and unable to receive data. Undefined Paper is not pr4sl fed by the paper feed buttons.

Paper is being fed by the paper feed buttons. On printing stop due to paper end pr4sl printing stops due to paper-end detected by the paper end sensor or the paper near-end sensor enabled by pr4sl the ESC c 4.


Does not wait for slip paper insertion. Slip insertion sensor: paper present. Slip insertion sensor: no paper. Pr4sl ejection sensor: paper present.

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Slip ejection sensor: no paper. Sets the right-side character spacing in half-dot increments. The right-side character spacing for double-width mode is twice pr4sl normal value.

In page mode, the actual dot positions shift by a half dot. The right-side character spacing can be set pr4sl in standard mode and in page mode. Selects print modes using n as follows. This command cannot be used pr4sl the 7 x 7 font or for underlined printing in page mode.


If the 7 7 font or underlined printing is selected or canceled in page mode, an internal flag pr4sl activated and this command is enabled when the printer returns to standard mode. Character pr4sl 7 x 7 selected.

Olivetti POS Ribbon - Olivetti PR4

Double-height mode not selected Double-height mode selected Double-width mode not selected Double-width mode selected Pr4sl. Notes: Default: The user-defined character and the downloaded bit image cannot be defined simultaneously. Once the user-defined characters have been defined, they are available until ESC is executed; the user-defined characters are redefined; the power is turned off; or the printer is reset. The line spacing can be set independently pr4sl standard mode and in page mode.

Printer enabled. When the LSB least significant bit of n is 1, the printer is enabled; when it is 0, the printer is disabled. pr4sl


The data pr4sl the print buffer is cleared and the printer mode is reset to the mode that was in effect when the power was turned on. The setup settings are not checked again, and the data in the receive buffer is not cleared.


Documents may be inserted from the front or the top of the printer. Enables or disables the panel buttons. When the LSB least significant bit of n is 1, all buttons are disabled; when it is 0, all buttons are enabled. To prevent problems caused by accidentally pressing the buttons, use this command to disable the buttons. When the panel buttons are enabled by this command, if the cover pr4sl open, paper cannot be fed or released.

Ribbon Cartridge - Black

The maximum reverse paper feed amount is 40 inches. Sets the time from detection of the slip to the start of printing to t2 0. This setting alone, however, does not cause the printer to immediately start waiting for a slip to pr4sl inserted.A single station impact dot matrix printer.

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With its high throughput (/ cps), attractive design, compact dimensions and silent printing pr4sl PR4 SL guarantees the reliability of continuous operation. Ideal for filling in documents, the PR4 SL is an invaluable tool for counter. With its advanced technology, PR4 SL specialised printer keeps front-office transactions fast and simple, supports a variety of communication protocols and.

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