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Is there a way around the limitations of WMP?

IRiver T30 MP3 Player Firmware 1.71 free download

Great info. Is there any way to adjust the input level on the T30? How do you know if its overdriving or getting enough signal? Iriver t30 1.71 want to record band iriver t30 1.71 and I like the idea of a ultra small and afordable recording set-up. Has any body actually made good sounding live recordings using the set-up I described or something similar that actually worked?

Now you have control over deleting songs from iriver t30 1.71 the media library or the Iriver T10 without effecting the other. Thanks for this excellent page. I bought a T30 today.

Good sound. Voice recording from the internal mic is very, very iriver t30 1.71 for a consumer mp3 player; it records to kbps mono mp3 on high quality setting, and this is multiple times better than most other players, offering a low frequency range knobbled wav format. I tried plugging a powered lapel mic into the line-in, and putting the line-in recording volume to maximum.

Not expecting it to work — line level is to mV, whereas a powered lapel mic is probably 8mV. The recording did come out iriver t30 1.71 it was extremely soft. Despite this massive amplification, the recording was surprisingly clear, with some consistant background hiss like a tape coming from this massive amplification.

So now I am looking for a micpreamp so I can boost my lapel mic by 20dB. If you know of cheap, portable one let me know. So it might have been better to get one of these iRiver ihp apparently — unverified. Just a simple question. I am about to buy the iRiver Iriver t30 1.71 in Sydney.

Download Iriver T30 MP3 Player Firmware for OS Independent

If I record via mic or line input, can I copy the file back to my PC? Can I use Windows Explorer, or do I need anything else? Iriver Plus 2 Software automatically does firmware updates for you. iriver t30 1.71

Winamp is much better. Just to add, I recently had a friend who does weddings use the iRiver with a pocket-powered lapel mic on the groom to record the speeches etc. He just left the unit running and later iriver t30 1.71 the voice file off and re-synced it with the video giving very clean audio whilst shooting video from the other side of the room.


I was quite amazed as generally wireless micophones are used, but he did it cheaply with the iriver. I have 1.


Iriver website says there is a 1. Their reply came — with the t Does it work — and iriver t30 1.71, does T30 look for this file in its root and auto-boot it?

Muvo v100 or iriver t10?

If it fails and freezes, can I go back to V1. Proud owner of a T30 MB European version. I had some trouble getting Windows to recongnize my unit, but i finally managed to figure out the iriver t30 1.71. T30 is an USB 2. However, with only SP1 installed, the unit will require Media Player 10 to be installed.iRiver T30 digital player Firmware (UMS/lat) v iRiver T iRiver T30 digital player Firmware (UM/eng) v iRiver T

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