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If you ha ve multiple displa ys of the same type c onnected.

Equa liz atio n means the luminance o f the display y ou are. If you wish to equaliz e the displayyou must close the. Display Settings dialog and m ake sure the Equalizati on. If you ha ve multiple disp lays c onnect ed multi-head s ystem. Click the Calibr at e button. A message appearsshowing the differ ent calibr ation. Figure C alibration choic es. This option is grayed in case NioW atch does not find a. Follow the guideline barcomed nio on the screen t o c omplete the. If the Equalization option is se t in the Application Settings. Figure Match with ref er ence. The display number that. In the Calibr ation dial og see st ep no. Adjust the slider until there is almost no visible diff erenc e.

When done, cl ick button Set point 1 of Repe at this proc edure until the butt on is gra yed.


Click OK to fin ish. T o reset t o the la test ca libr ation:.

Click the OK button. The calibra tion and the luminanc e will be rese t to the la test. When you start up the system, the barcomed nio is also reset t o. The luminanc e, howev eris. barcomed nio

BarcoMed PCIe for Nio

T o vi ew a graph showin g the barcomed nio of the latest calibration:. In the Calibr ation tab dialog, click on Show calibr ation.

This button is a vail able only if the display has been. A graph is sho wn displa ying the barcomed nio st calibr ation c ompared. T o rev ert to the def ault f actory se ttings:.


In the Calibr ation tab dialog, click on Res et. As a result, the settings are rest ored t o barcomed nio default f actory.

BarcoMed PCI for Nio

T es t p atterns. T e st pat terns.


barcomed nio Figure T est Patterns dialog. Select the desir ed test pa ttern b y clicking on the. Click Show t o display the pattern.

If barcomed nio have se l ec ted Cus tom Ima geyou can select a bitmap. T o hide the test patte rn again, click inside the patt ern.

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Applica tion settings. Applica tion set tings. Here y ou barcomed nio check the Equalization option, allowing y ou barcomed nio. Suppose you w ork with a dual-head s ystem 2 displa ys. T o equalize the displa ys:. Set the Equaliza tion option.

BarcoMed Nio K Video Card eBay

Close the Applicatio n Settings dialog.The 8-bit display controllers produce simultaneous shades of gray out of a palette of In addition, the dual-head imaging boards, featuring Barco's proprietary AURA technology, offer ultra-fast image loading and realistic image barcomed nio. All Nio® display controllers. PCI display controller for Nio display systems. The BarcoMed PCI is a powerful digital display controller featuring proprietary AURA technology. It has been.

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