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That is, each time that the drive is reset or powered on, the library reestablishes the WWN so that a drive in Slot x always keeps the same WWN, even if the drive is replaced. The design of a WWN is such that if a drive needs service or replacement, host parameters do not need to be changed or reconfigured. The following sections describe methods that involve World Wide Names in resolving these issues. Using Zoning to Isolate Devices and Enhance Security For security reasons, it is important to limit the devices that a server ibm 3582-l23 servers can recognize or access. Also, some performance configurations and SAN configurations can result in a device being seen multiple times from the same server. For example, if you have two HBAs from the same server connected to an Ultrium Tape Drive in the library, the drive will be detected and appear as two logical devices.

That is, there will be two special files for one physical device. Zoning can address these issues.


Zoning allows you to partition your SAN into logical groupings of devices so ibm 3582-l23 each group is isolated from the other ibm 3582-l23 can only access the devices in its own group. Two types of zoning exist: hardware zoning and software zoning.


Hardware zoning is based on physical fabric port number. While zoning can be reconfigured without causing an outage, some zoning configurations can become complicated. It is possible for these SCSI assignments to change between boots. Some operating systems do not guarantee that devices ibm 3582-l23 always be allocated the same SCSI target ID after rebooting. Also, some software depends on this ibm 3582-l23, so you do not want it to change.

Keep an eye out for Outlet

After a configuration has been set, it survives reboots and any hardware configuration changes because the information is preserved. If a ibm 3582-l23 needs to be replaced, the new drive assumes the WWNN of the old drive ibm 3582-l23 the WWNN for the drive is location-dependent within the library. Because the WWNN does not change, persistent binding does not need to be changed which would cause an outage.

Connectors and Adapters The library is supported by a wide variety ibm 3582-l23 servers hostsoperating systems, and adapters. Not all software and systems are designed to share drives. Before you install a drive that would allow two systems to share it, check that the systems and their software support sharing. If your software does not support sharing, note that Fibre Channel switches have a zoning capability to form a SAN partition. For systems that do not cooperate, use zoning to prevent the systems from sharing the same drive.

You can remove zoned partitions as you upgrade software and system levels. Attention The library is a customer setup unit. ibm 3582-l23

Be sure ibm 3582-l23 verify that you have the latest firmware installed on your machine before you contact IBM for any necessary technical support. DANGER An electrical outlet that is not correctly wired could place hazardous voltage on metal parts of the system or the products that attach to the system. The procedure for installing the library comprises the steps listed below. Step-by-step instructions are given in the sections that follow. Step 1.

Unpack Your Shipment Unpack all items from the carton. Save the packing materials in case ibm 3582-l23 need to move or ship the system in the future. Attention: You must ship the library in the original or equivalent packing materials or your warranty may be invalidated.

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ibm 3582-l23 Verify Your Shipment First verify that your shipment contains the parts common to every library. Next verify that your shipment contains the parts particular to your library.

L23 IBM TotalStorage Ultrium Tape Library Model L23

Protecting the front doors ibm 3582-l23 the library from damage. Tools and Materials Required v 1 Phillips screwdriver v 4 library feet and 8 screws part number 24R Note: If you are unable to locate the 4 library feet and 8 screws that were included in your original ship group or that were removed before a rack installation, order Part Number 24R from the IBM Technical Support Center. Visit www.The IBM Model L23 is an entry level Ultrium Tape Library that can accommodate one or two Ultrium 3 or Ultrium 2 Tape drives and comes.

The Ultrium Tape Library Model L23 can accommodate one or two Ultrium 2 Tape Drives and is available standard with a ibm 3582-l23.

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